This is a BRAWLvault smash stack attack situation, its not only my Sonic who is being harassed through my researching the customer complaints list just got way too long and the business just lost track. After time had past a group of individuals has not only hurt the restaurant, its hurt the hardest ENTIRE working wait staff in the WORLD!!

A Carhops job is by far the hardest restaurant work in its field that is why its turn over rate gets killed. It makes it harder for the management to hire and can hurt fellow employee's also, so when this happens our work schedules are figured on a daily. By daily I mean the workers Carhops/cooks call the store everyday or the night before to see if they are working.

I hope that my Sonic isn't closed too much longer I need my job, and now know why all the nicest staff got bad reviews. I kid you not it was obvious so obvious god made it apparent, that the people were vengeful.

My advice even though the customer is always right to always treat people how you would want to be treated. So now with a whole weekend off I am calling my boss Sunday night or Monday morning with my finger crossed that we are re-opening.

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They really messed up, and so did I.


Was forced to Quit by my management and boss with in my 3 month return to working with Sonic Drive-In Never had such a problem before ever in my work history with thefranchise although this store#3477 has had a huge turn-over rate since I have been employed there.

I am not taking back the written attack on us complaint but am saying or just wanting to say WOW!!

Wrong store to defend, I was however in there defense and as far as losing not only me but many other good hearted employees its absurd. In my recollection I recall, 13 employees that have fired left of quit.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #860798

that picture belongs to the person whom wrote explaining Sonics behalf to why?,

The restaurant does try I mean come on half prices during certain happy hours even the shakes are half off after 8 at night until close!!!

Honestly Sonic shouldn't have taken away its old ways customers buzzing through the drive through and not even waiting for the order to be re-red or taken and getting to the window without a receipt. I even tell the best carhop that not even shes a robot, we have lost a lot of our streak but the truth will only hurt us both. Service people and the people.


This is a rambling complaint and doesn't really ever get to the point. It is just a jumbled mess.

To the letter writer: you might want to collect your thoughts and try to piece together something coherent. And by the way, what was the point of posting a picture of the unattractive employee?

to Anonymous #858026

Kill yourself.

to Anonymous #858028

Wow way to prove what *** you are.

to Killyoself #865587

You are a Sonic employee, lmao! Who is the dumbfucker in this equation? (hint: look in the mirror)

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