Attendant was given $6.00 on a $5.19 order. She handed me my order and asked if that is all I needed.

She then promptly turned and walked away and did not offer to return change. That is the 3rd time a Sonic in Olathe Kansas on blackbob road took change as a tip on deceptive remarks. It is obvious what they are doing and its an old trick. The last one an attendant at Sonic will pull on me.

I have had my last meal there or any other Sonic. My mission will now be to warn others of this tactic by Sonic employees.

Review about: Sonic Combo Meal.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Its not a freaking restaurant for one. Two, yes they make minimum wage if tips do not add up to equal minimum wage.

At least, that's how it works in Missouri. My personal opinion since I've never once had a good experience with this *** place, is that every one should be closed until they learn they're employees are rude, disrespectful, and the food is completely overpriced poo.

La Follette, Tennessee, United States #818524

The quality of the ingredients at sonic has went down but the carhops are always nice and I would never dream of not tipping them. It is a waitress rule of thumb that if the change is less than a dollar most people don't expect change back.

So next time simply ask for your change if it is under $1.00. Any civilized person who eats at a restaurant knows that.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #681601

Douche. Car hops don't make minimum wage. Don't eat at Sonic if you don't want to tip.


This is fast food. A customer should always be given their change and it should be counted out to them.

The sonic workers I know make minimum wage. Tips are an extra not an entitlement.


I am sure you will be missed. Yeah right.


An 81 cent tip for the waitress who takes your order and brings you your food? You CHEAPA55!!!


81 cent tip on a 5.19 bill is just under 16% tip. If a 16% tip is too steep for you maybe you should learn to cook.

The servers do not make 15-20 dollars an hour. In many restaurants the servers make min wage or less depending on the tip schedule.

So the tip is a large part of their income. Maybe tou should quit your day job as a whiner and try waiting tables.


Oh and, Sonic views itself as more restaurant than a McDonalds. It's customary to tip the person who's acting as a waitress while you shove hotdogs down your throat in your car. I bet you don't even chew them.


Oh mah gawd, she stole 81 cents from you? Did you call the popo or a WAAAAAHHHmbulance?

Seriously, it's not like you paid for a 5 dollar order with a 50.


When she asked if that was all you needed you should have said "no, I need my change."

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