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Who in the world decided to stop making and selling malts? Malts have been around for over 40 years.

Nobody made malts like Sonic. I am very disappointed in Sonic. Going to take my business elsewhere.

Milkshakes are not worth the money. Please bring back the malts.

I can't believe you need a min. of 100 words to tell Sonic "they scewed up", etc., etc.


You don't nave to contact me about my compliant. You won't change your mind anyway.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I have no more reason to ever go to Sonic again! The last time I tried to order a malt from Sonic and was told they no longer carry them I was floored.

Milkshakes are just plain blah without the malt flavoring. I think the order taker was very surprised when I did not order anything and just left. I have never been back since. It is not that hard to have malt for shakes available.

Even if they do not get as many people ordering.

You never have them promote them anyway, so if they wanted to cut some cost, they cut some customers off their repeat customers for good. Just plain stupid.


I also agree. I loved going to Sonic for a malt.

I am so disappointed.

Plain old Shakes are yucky. I’m also taking my business elsewhere.


I agree with the review. While Sonic food is okay, the main reason for eating at Sonic was so that I could get a malt with my burger. Without malts, I will more than likely get burgers and shakes elsewhere, as there is now no reason to drive the few extra blocks to Sonic.


On Wednesday I went with my sister to Sonic and found out that they DON'T have them anymore. I thought it was ONLY that Sonic so we drove to the other one and found out that they too DON'T serve them either.

I TOO am PISSED-OFF that Sonic DOESN'T make malts anymore! SCREW SONIC!! I'll go to DQ, SB, 5G or CSC from now on instead!!

When I visit the Chicagoland area I'll go to OD where they make the BEST malts. FAR BETTER than Sonic's!!!

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