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Those women are the most annoying, not funny people in your commercials!!!! Do your company a favor, and give them the axe!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sonic Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Aug 24.
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dear sonic if you cant come up with a decent commercial that actually makes us want to patronize your business please listen to your CUSTOMERS they cant do worse than what you have now. they can give you ideas of what they would like to see.


after complaining to anyone at sonic about the commercials they keep using the same tired people on the commercials so I just drive by sonic I spend my money elsewhere I guess they think they are ok putting out inferior commercials and we will buy their product.


Also boycotting sonic because of that singing girl in the commercials. It has made me stop watching the channels that carry the commercials. Grates on me to no end!


I also have stopped going to Sonic because of the blonde woman singing. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

How do we reach Sonic. I don’t have a problem not going there anymore, but I do have a problem with the intrusive singing.


jane is god damn boring as *** you say comedic commercials i have only see one that brought a smile to my face was the labradoodle one.other than that not funny the guys made me laugh all the time with their silliness bring the guys back the girls are no stars in my mind.


Bring the guys back. They were actually funny. I hate the blonde and why does she have to sing in that stupid commercial?

to Jesse #1551293

I couldn't agree more. The two guys are kind of funny but the commercials with the women aren't.

And the singing....I hate that commercial so bad.

Just such a bad idea. Drives me up the wall.

to Jesse #1551678

I AGREE! I have to mute it.

And lately it's been showing back to back. UGH!


until they stop running that commercial of her trying to sing I will not spend another dime at Sonic


Every time that stupid blonde lady starts singing I want to bash my TV into a million pieces! Stop making stupid and annoying commercials! The two *** guys who take up the other commercials aren't any better either!!!


The new Sonic commercials are horrid with the 2 women. I grew up with Sonic and have been eating there for 40 years. These new commercials make me hope they go out of business


Get rid of those 2 women! I use to enjoy watching the Sonic Commercials.

Not anymore!!!!

That blonde in the new commercials is hideous. Get rid of them!!!


I absolutely HATE the commercial with the 2 women where she sings!!!!!! STOP IT PLEASE!!

I'm to the point of not wanting to buy from Sonic simply because if this annoying commercial. Thanks!!


I turn off the volume when it airs, next will be to avoid Sonic all together.


I left a comment on their Facebook page about how bad I hate that stupid commercial!!


Amen! I thought..am I the only one who finds those 2 girls ANN OYING?!?!

I guess not....that stupid blonde singing..ugh!!!

What does that have to do with Sonic and wanting to eat there?? Nothing!


I hate the new commercial with the stupid acting women.Whom ever thinks they are a good replacement for the two guys , that actually are funny is sadly mistaken.Makes me to not even go to Sonic.Why I need 50 words to say my opinion is as goofy as the commercial.No wonder such a rotten commercial when comments are restricted to certain amount of words.

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