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I have not been able to get the sonic blade electric knife blade to charge so therefore it is useless.I cannot find a replacement battery.

Is there a refund on this knife? Iam very disappointed in this knife. It is very heavy and awkward to use. Where can I get a refund for my money?

Why doesn't the battery charge?

It is supposed to be a rechargable battery so I was infofmed when I bought it As someone else has said it sits and takes up a lot of room that I could use more advangageously.Please answer


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Mine is doing the same thing..How do I get a new battery or charger..


Believe it or not I had the same Problem.It just stopped working.

The battery was recharged fully. The problem was that the contact wire that is connect to the trigger broke.

I opened the casing and just added more wiring to the contact trigger.And it works great.

Blue Hill, Maine, United States #1298476

Mine is doing the same thing. Doesn,t charge and can,t find a new battery. Piece of junk

Managua, Managua, Nicaragua #1126191

I bought it at Brandsmart. I have exactly the same problem, it is brand new, never used and do not charge.

Mclean, Virginia, United States #906388

Mine recharges just fine. I have had it for over 5 years. I think some people fail to take battery out of the knife handle and put it in the back of the stand.

Spokane, Washington, United States #811309

I have a Sonic Blade Knife that the battery died. Today I went to Batteries Plus and they recondition the battery for &16.99. Great deal!!

Wigan, England, United Kingdom #757831

Mine stopped charging some years ago, and now Ive come on the net to find a new battery I cant find one

Lakewood, Washington, United States #723201

I agree with the previous consumer.My charger too WON'T charge!

This product is totally useless.

A replacement bstter is not available only, yoiu have to buy a complete new Blade kit upgrade for an additional $119.00.

Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom #584212

I have had one of these knives for 3 years and use it regularly, No problems whatsoever.

I think it is an absolutely superb item

I live in UK but purchased from USA after a recommendation from a neighbour who also uses theirs regularly


My knife does not work either and it never has.It was a gift so I did not return it.

They sell new for 22 bucks on Amazon but who wants one given these issues.I will just to to Walmart and get something from them.


What is with this battery charger. I also cannot get the battery to charge.

What are your suggestions.


Thank you for your comments.I can stop searching now & toss the whole thing!

I, too, have been searching for new batteries & have found nothing & no one that sells them.there!


I used my knife 1 time.Now it doesn't work.

Did anyone ever get an answer how to either fix it or get a replacement?Thanks!


Hi, I have found that the problem is not with the battery or charging system.The problem is that the motor inside burns out.

A replacement motor is not listed but I believe that a mabushi rs-380 is a direct fit, but verify the dimensions before ordering...I hope this helps you out!

to cnc_cut79 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada #708700

I found a wire came off the motor and just soldered it and it is fine.


I have had a sonic blade knife and am unable to use it because it does not charge!Where can I purchase the battery in Chicago Illinois area?

Is the battery that is not charging the thing that is plugged into the stand?

The light goes on but when I go to use it -- nothing!Please let me know as I want to use it for Christmas.


I too cant get the knife to charge, havent used it 1 time. No-One should buy this knife as It Is a piece of JUNK


This knife was a piece of ***.It wouldn't charge and might be able to cut soft butter.

What a ripoff.Go elsewhere for your knife!


:( boy is she correct. I have two of these things (long story) and both have dead batteries or chargers or both. I should have gussed when the instructions and the box have no manufacturer's name or address!

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