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Has Sonic lost their minds? Why do they keep running those ridiculous commercials with those two idiots. I swear to God I would rather eat my own toenails then to go to Sonic all because of those *** commercials interrupting my peace in the evening.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way?

We need to let Sonic know about how annoying these guys are to us.

Hey Sonic, stop running those ridiculous commercials with those idiots and your business will improve.

At least fire those guys and hire some pretty girls to sit in that car and talk about your food.

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The commercials are horrible. Everytime I see one it makes me want to start my own fast food restaurant in my hometown and slowly build popularity in the area.

Then with good food, financial skills, and advertising, it will grow into a chain of restaurants. This company will be passed down through my family until it reaches its sole goal of destroying sonic and everything it stands for. I will offer the same food as sonic but with higher quality ingredients.

I will also have commercials on TV that are the exact opposite of Sonic commercials in every way possible. I hope this company dies soon and dies quickly because of what they have put me through with these embarrassingly bad commercials.


STOP JUST STOP, sick of these annoying commercials.


Their commercials make me grind my teeth ... even when I'm just hearing them!! Tired of them!!


Sonic give a listen - having COMPLETE IDIOTS pushing your product is driving away business! I won't go to a place pandering to STUPIDITY for their sales pitch.

As long as the two morons, and the two equally annoyingly stupid women are your commercial pitch persons, I will eat ANYWHERE else! I'd eat out of a dumpster first if that was all that was available!

to AslanBalaur #1548767

I agree I can’t stand the 2 guys and the 2 women they have on their commercials! Also the food looks like plastic fake food!!


OMFG Those two IDIOTS have put me off Sonic forever! When will the stupidity in commercials END?


I hate the Sonic commercials. They aren't funny.

I don't see where the actors jell or how the commercials would entise anyone to visit a location. Poor marketing move.


I too hate those 2 idiots doing the Sonic commercials. Have not eaten there once after they began and won't till they are gone!


The girls on the new commercials are as stupid as the guys on the old ones I don’t go there because of them


Sonic commercials come on way 2 often!!! I didn’t mind the 2 guys & even thought a few were funny.

Then come the annoying women & now I HATE Sonic!

These 2 women are not likeable at all! These commercials make me never want to go to Sonic!!!!

to WearyBlackbird #1547089

Totally agree. The girls are idiots. I won't go to Sonic because of the commercials.


Sonic take note.....we freak'n HATE YOUR COMMERCIALS. I almost throw-up when I hear the blonde Try to Sing and I will never buy Anything from You.

to Terrie in TN #1539039

SAME!!! I can’t stand it!

to Terrie in TN #1540436

Totally agree, Sonic commercials are so irritating! They don't make me want to buy their food.

Just the opposite! Who came up with these commercials????


I will never spend one penny at any Sonic as long as those two stupid men and those 2 annoying women, especially that blond who can't sing and who's voice peels the enamel from my teeth, are gone!


I'm not alone!


I hate those commercial also my dog could write better. The guys are not funny and the girls are worse.

They play the all the time. Just stop them!


Seriously! Sonic’s commercial strategy is to make obnoxiously annoying commercials so you remember their specials despite hating those insidious *** they call actors!

They’ve continued this strategy with Jane Krakowski! The whole marketing group can die in a grease fire for the brain melting “strategy” they have enacted on consumers with this campaign!


Ya know - I thought they hit rock bottom with the two idiot guys - but, Sonic hit the jackpot with their new commercials - could they find any dumber, idiot women (and yes, I am a woman). Both of them are imbeciles - the blond and her "Flispy" and the other's reaction when blond says she also coined labradoodle - she's nodding her head like a bobble head doll, while the other does a pantomime of saying - You have a dog that draws ?

OMG - make them stop !!!!! I've always wondered if Sonic realizes the business they're losing by using both of these losers in their ads.


Those guys are the worst. I do not go to Sonic because I figure the company must be cheap as balls to hire those hacks which tells me their food is just as cheap ***

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