The new girls you put on your commercials are dumb and not funny. The 2 TWO) guys are hiliarious, but the girls are an insult to the female race.

Yes, I am a female. If you cannot bring the guys back, then I suggest you not run commercials of this nature - just plainly state the specials and stay clean of the comics. The girls are just dumb and blonde. A real slap in any female's face.

The fact that you must write a minimum of 100 (HUNDRED) words is also STUPID.

You really do not care what your customers want. There is always Whataburger or In and Out Burger - really good places to eat.

Review about: Sonic Commercial.

Reason of review: commercials and stupidity.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Please STOP that commercial where the 2 girls are on and 1 tries to sing. Make me sick.


That new one with the idiot singing is driving me crazy. I hate it more than any commercial I have ever seen.

I want to throw something at my tv when she starts that crap.

HATE it !!!! Er use to eat at the Sonic a few times a week but this had made me.stop going there.


I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who don't like the girls. They are not funny!

I don't even go to Sonic anymore to get a cherry limeade. Now I go toBraums to get the drink and it's pretty awesome!!


Get rid of the guys and gals!! Let the food sell itself!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your sales have not increased any with either one of the sets of people. I'm sure they may have decreased since the ladies have taken over the commercial spots!


I agree the girls need to move on. Just lame, not at all funny


Totally disagree the guys ARE NOT FUNNY they make me sick when did acting stupid and dumb become a marketing tool to make money or draw customers in?? All it does is make me NEVER want to go and that’s exactly why I don’t, product should be the selling point!!!


If I hear about Jane creating a now common reference and Klemperer drawing in the air and, etc., etc. I’ll shoot my tv.

I see this horrible excuse for comedy a dozen times s day and HATE IT AND and Now them. seriously


Bring back the guys!! I don't like the girls, I know they are acting but they just don't fit these commercial spots, the guys do. The guys make it seem so natural at veing dumb not in a bad way either....lol


Agreed! I cannot stand the new sonic commercials with the 2 women!

I have to turn the channel every time they come on!

Ridiculously stupid. Bring back our funny guys!!


Quit going to Sonic because I hate the new girls in commercial, they literally make me not want to eat at Sonic


Two girls are embarrassingly stupid and annoying, makes me not want to eat at sonic.


Guys = hilarious. I’ve even looked them up on YouTube to rewatch their commercials (& I notoriously hate commercials).

The new ads featuring the females = stupid.

Not funny, not smart. Trash those ads.


Omg you all hit the nail on the head. The two women are NOT funny, it's a stupid commercial, bring the guys back. PLEASE!!


Hate the 2 women in the commercials, it’s cringeworthyI change the channel sometimes so I don’t have to hear it


I agree. I think it’s the writing.

“I’ve known ice cream since college”, didn’t exactly having me laughing.. WTH


I agree with Marsha! The commercials featuring the women are just dumb.

I don't think either are funny as comedians either. If you can't make them funny don't have them you tried to be politically correct now it is time to move on to commercials that will make us remember what your selling, not be nauseated by them.


I have never reviewed a commercial but.....the new women commercials are stupid and not funny at all. Actually irritating.

You called them a comedic duo, not by a long shot.

But they are just repeating what is written. Bad move Sonic.


The guys are hilarious and the girls suck. Do we have to ruin everything for the sake of political correctness.


Yes, I prefer the guys! The blonde female seems snooty and they are not funny. Love the guys


The sonic girls are stupid and not funny {{Redacted}}!

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