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For about 2 weeks in February, I was told that they were simply "out" of malt powder. A few days I can understand, but 2 weeks?

I submitted an inquiry online via Sonic's website and no one ever contacted me. In fact, 3 days later I received a survey wanting my feedback on how satisfied I was with the resolution. Tonight, I tried one more time and was flatly interrupted with a "we don't have malts anymore." -- I called the OKSONIC line and the amoeba that answered told me they stopped carrying malts because it was a "one-time thing".

Seriously? I've been buying malts from Sonic for YEARS.

Looks like it's Whataburger and Dairy Queen from now on.

Review about: Sonic Milkshake.

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On Wednesday I went with my sister to Sonic and found out that they DON'T have them anymore. I thought it was ONLY that Sonic so we drove to the other one and found out that they too DON'T serve them either.

I TOO am PISSED-OFF that Sonic DOESN'T make malts anymore! SCREW SONIC!! I'll go to DQ, SB, 5G or CSC from now on instead!!

When I visit the Chicagoland area I'll go to OD where they make the BEST malts. FAR BETTER than Sonic's!!!


I just learned of No More Malts last night. Thought, you CAN'T be serious??

Then I go online and read all this. Sonic was once THE place to go for good old American MALTS, Shakes, and Burgers. And, it stayed Consistent for Years, Decades. Up until last night, I had enjoyed the same Chocolate Malt in here in my mid Fifties that I had enjoyed in my Teens some 40 years ago.

Today, Sonic prefers selling Urine Colored and Tasting so-called Pickle Flavored Slushies, other Slushies with so much Food Coloring and Sugar that only increases Tooth Decay at an alarming rate, but might has contributed to obese conditions to frequent patrons, but possibly enhanced the chances of same patrons to develop diabetes sometime in their lives. Odd Hot Dogs, like the Pickle Dog, that I have never really seen or heard anyone order while sitting in a Sonic with my window down. 7 Pounds of Lettuce on regular Hamburgers now to make you believe your getting your Moneys worth. No more Girl Next Door Carhops that greeted you at your window with a smile, but Carhops who are hired off the Street and when they bring you your order, you KNOW you've seen them somewhere before.

Then an hour or so later you realize it was the same Crackhead you saw on LIVE PD being hauled off to jail during last Friday Nights episode, and so on.

I left last night without my Decades old "Regular" Small Chocolate Malt I had enjoyed almost all my Life. Sad to say, was probably the last time this PissedConsumer will have visited any Sonic from on here on out.


*** me off too! They cad any flavor to drinks and now they even offer a dill pickle slush!

But they can’t add malt to a shake! I’m not going there any more and I’ve been going to the sonic for malts for almost 40 years.


Hardee's (Carl's Jr) are doing the same. The price of malt order is crazy so I don't blame them but at least offer at a price!


I agree!! Bring back the malts or I’ll just make my own!!


No more malts at Sonic, Cold Cream creamery, Baskin Robbins. I feel like I'm living in a 3rd world country.


They've carried malts in TX for at least 40 years.

to D. Regg #1529864

Typical Texan trying to one-up everybody else hahaha. Yeah we've had a malts for years too that's why it's a terrible thing.




Don’t forget DQ


So funny (not), my husband went to get a malt with my daughter the other night and were rudely told they never had malts. Ummm wrong !! Well I was already upset with Sonic guess now we have one less place to eat out in our small town.


Haha Formersoniccustomer, i just did the exact same thingless than 5 minutes ago.Side note..I literally used to only stop at sonics because they had such good strawberry malts, and in a time where less and less places even know what a malt is.So not only did they lose what appears to be a lot of malt business, but a lot of food business too, because I used to get all kinds of things to eat when I would stop and im sure many others did the same.


No malts - so disappointing. It’s hard to think of a good reason to continue coming here.


I tried to order one tonight, (Florida) and they said they don't make them anymore. It has been a while since I have ordered one...

Blew my mind. Sonic without a Chocolate Malt??!!! They also don't do family size Jalapeno poppers anymore.

Just a FYI. (I ended up getting a Chocolate-Banana Cream Pie Shake instead which was delish)


It is a real loss. If Sonic had a "good reason" they should share it.

It is critical for brands in competitive categories to differentiate themselves. Makes be wonder.


Yep. Sitting in the drive thru and was just rudely told the same thing when we order malts.

What??? We just got them a couple weeks ago.

No suggestion from the gal of maybe something else to try......just “we don’t have malts.” Bye bye Sonic. No great loss anymore anyway.

to little becky #1514493

"Oh, we don't have that anymore," was the response I was given.


no malts is total BS, just like you can't get a "hamburger" and a cheeseburger with no cheese is the same price, sonic, you guys suck big time!!!!


This is so weird. Since I was a kid malts have been a Sonic favorite.

They have too many other choices in my opinion. Keep it simple Sonic!


wow. just wow. good to know dq has them.

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