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Last 3 times we got half price shakes, they weren't half price. A large hot fudge shake is $4.49 and my half price discount was $2.10.

I might not be a genius but I can divide by 2. Wonder why they can't? Call Sonic 800 number and explained what happened.

Really didn't seem to care but I did receive a coupon for a free burger. So surprised that no one else has complained about this.

Review about: Sonic Burger.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I know it's the system that automatically gives the discount. I'm not sure who sets the system up.

It's either the franchise owner or corporate (also depending on if it's owned by someone or if it is a corporate store). I do see the issue. 2.10+2.10=4.20, not 4.39. Since that's like 46% off, I think legally they can say 50% because of rounding.

Also, they probably do that during happy hour too.

It's corrupt but they're probably not the only people who do that. But still, 46% off is still an incredible deal for something so tasty.


It's retarded people like you that ruin things for the rest of us. Obviously you can't divide by two or you wouldn't be on here complaining......what a ***.....

to Anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1005130

Hey dufus, half-price means divide the original price by this case it would be $2.24, giving the restaurant the penny benefit (though they should round in the customer's favor). I have had the same issue with Sonic's only discounting like 46% off rather than 50% aw advertised.

Yes, I can calculate sales taxes, when I'm in a sales-tax state, because I have two master's degrees. This isn't about adding taxes after the discount. Sonic is systematically engaging in false advertising. I called their corporate help line and was told it was a local manager's fault at the local store, and it "would be taken care of." I've found the same practice in three different states now, in at least three different franchises (though more likely 5-6 different franchisee locations).

If you complain to the manager they will admit that "there must be something wrong with the register" and they will give you the correct discount. It is surprising that most people apparently don't understand how to calculate a 50% discount and just go along happily for the ride while Sonic commits felony fraud (yes, felony fraud, because at the thousands of locations, selling millions of milkshakes every day, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent advertising).

Kingman, Arizona, United States #998300

Does sales tax mean anything to you?


You're lucky that they gave you a free burger, as I see nothing wrong with the totals. (You don't get half price off of the hot fudge). Long story short, no one else has complained because there's nothing to complain about--aside from the fact that you apparently can't stay away from milkshakes.

to Anonymous Aurora, Colorado, United States #1076171


to sonic***ks #1458393

Not in San Angelo, Texas! We've never in over 30 years had one problem.

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