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Sonic is a joke after about 5pm twice I've been to sonic at night and two different ones at that. The first time was the one on hwy 64 in memphis.

This one we got a few things the things that were wrong were: an orange cream slush. There wasn't any orange flavor and the majority if the cup was whipped cream. The next was supposed to be a banana milk shake and it was vanilla. Also, my cheese burger was almost frozen.

I couldn't even eat it.

The next trip was at the Germantown parkway in Cordova. They messed up the shakes. I'm going to take a picture of what was wrong.

But they charge you $2.69 for the milkshake aka just ice cream and then you have to pay $0.20 for each flavor. Even a chocolate milkshake. But anyways here is the picture. We are never going to sonic after 5pm again.

Children should not be allowed to work without strict supervision. They play too much.

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What you probably don't understand is that 5PM when you're going they're probably changing the entire shift of people out. So you got carhops that're counting down changers and new ones coming on.

So it's ALWAYS going to be slow.

The new management is coming onto shift and trying to sort out all the stuff that the day shift forgot to do.

I'm not sure what computer system they're using but if they're not using the new system then it'll charge you a price for a shake then the price of the flavor. Add it up - it should be the same as the price on the menu.

With some 100+ add-ins, flavors, etc, it's kind of hard to have a button for EVERYTHING. Actually it's impossible for the computers to have a button for each individual flavor of shake unless it's not an LTO (limited time offer).

But of course the public doesn't know this and instead of asking a question complains like the sheeple they are.

Teenagers playing too much? Ha ha ha.

Yeah, no doubt they do. They're teenagers. What do you expect when it's a minimum wage job? Adults who'll really want to work there?

Lol. Wake up.

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