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The two new women actors are a lame try to replace the guys. Let them go!

They can’t even act! They bring Sonic “down” with them .

Product or Service Mentioned: Sonic Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bring the guys back, sometimes “woman’s equality” gotta take a back seat to common sense... they are NOT funny


You’re welcome #metoo.


You seriously ditched the guys who were literally my favorite commercials. Those guys were super natural and funny.

These girls are stiff lame and not funny. Reminds me of when they felt they had to make a black Annie. Good job looney lefties!

Can never leave a good thing alone and have to go PC! Bring my dudes back asap!!


The way she moves moves her hand and says, “a Labrador that can...draw?” Oh lord...so damn dumb!!


Bring back the guys, they were so funny. Everytime I see a Sonic commercial now I change the channel


The Guys Are the Best, please don't change something that WORKS.


Wow those two old {{Redacted}} are aweful at this and that labradoodle *** is so *** next to sonics new "flispy" word there's no connection with the product anymore and really any other 2 would be a better repalcement then 2 {{Redacted}} that cant act and arent very fubny in the first place


I hate the two ladies in the new Sonic commercial. That labradoodle line is so stupid, and I concentrate more on how much I hate the commercial than even thinking about the product.

With the two guys, the product was more of the spotlight. I will never go to Sonic now that I find that new commercial so “distasteful.”


Bring back the guys! The two girls ate boring!


Only like the guys, girls commercial has got to go


Why change these bimbo are not funny bring the guys back they were winners


Bring the two guys back. The woman are terrible. I switch the channel when they are on.


They need to bring the two guys back. These girls are not funny and I dont like the sonic commercial anymore .I change the channel. If I want to see special I have a sonic app.


I love Kimmie Schmidt and Jaqueline...but not in the Sonic commercials. Bring the guys back!!!


Bring back the Sonic Guys. These women aren’t funny. Sonic deserves better.


Cannot even watch the comercials when they come on. PLEASE bring back the guys.

These ladies are not funny. I mute the tv when they come on.


I agree. The two girls are just stupid.

Now maybe the ppl who were 'hating' on the two guys are sorry they complained.

They had a good sense of humor. The two girls who replaced them - not so much.


The new commercial is terrible and not funny. Bring back the "brothers."


I love the Sonic guys. Very funny.

Those two broads suck. Go back to Kimmie Schmidt.

Bring back Sonic guys. I'm going to boycott and go to McDonald's.


A blond and a redhead?!? LAME!!!

Bring back the two doofuses! At least THEY didn't know, that they didn't know what they were doing!

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