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Why can't they get the order right?

Last night at our local Sonic Drive-in in Nevada, MO, and my family decided to try their Angus Burgers.

We placed the order and in a reasonable length of time they brought us our food. Not only was the meat cool and under cooked, but they hadn't filled the order correctly. We called to complain, they sent out a new sack of more of the wrong stuff, still cold.

The third time we ordered our food, the assistant night manager refunded our money and basically asked us to leave. He was rude, even though we explained that we had never gotten what we had ordered.

His only comment was that he had prepared the food himself. I am so very happy for him, it still wasn't correct.

I personally know the owner so I know nothing will ever get done about it. He could care less about his customers.

I personally will never return to this drive-in and I may never stop at any other Sonics for that matter either.

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Effing Trolls.


I seriously doubt that the assistant manager caused you to slap your 3 year old daughter. And I personally know 2 of the 4 owners of Sonic Drive In of Nevada, MO and they are both very dedicated to making sure that every customer is satisfied.

You can't blame Sonic for your abusive behavior. The Sonic Drive In of Nevada usually makes it into the Sonic Games every year because of the exceptional service.


No actually the worst Sonic Drive In is in Branson West, MO. You're lucky if you get what you order or even how it's fixed.

And they could care less. And obviously the Sonic headquarters could care less as well. After repeated attempts to get someone to care with promises of sending out someone to check, I gave up. I will say one thing.....the food is hot...

it's just not what you order.

NEVER go through the drive up and leave without checking what's in the bag first. You'll be sorry.


:grin sounds like an angry ex-employee to me.......


Sonic is so *** good, I bet their burgers still kick @$$ when they're cold.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #39570

One more thing, the reason I was kicked out was because I was yelling. I don't get along with the assistnant manager ow owner very well, so I let the assistant manager know what I thought of him.

I told him he is a lazy *** and should not be in a posisition of power. I have every right to swear and yell, you messed up my order three times. I was told that if I did not calm down I would be asked to leave. Right you try calming down when some *** messes up your order three times and gives you old burgers.

To top it all my daughter was distrauted by all this and started whining. I slapped her across the face and told her to keep her mouth shut because daddy was angry. Then because of all this I had an argument with my wife and called her a name which made her cry. She thought I was handling my daughter too roughly when I was putting her in her car seat.

Well with the assistant manager, my three year old daughter and my wife I was at my wits end and was probably rough on her after all she hit her head hard when on the door when I put her in the car which made her cry again. They totally ruined my day.

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